IPNP Call for Junior Group Leaders



Call for junior group leaders

The Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP) of Université de Paris and INSERM (https://ipnp.paris5.inserm.fr/research/teams-and-projects) recently started its activities in a 4300 m² brand new building located in central Paris, on the campus of Sainte-Anne Hospital. Ultimately, this new research institute will host a total of 16 junior and senior teams devoted to integrated basic and clinical research. In addition to basic technical resources (cell culture, biochemistry and molecular biology equipment, etc…), research teams have access to technical core facilities for microscopy (confocal, spinning, SIM, STORM, STED), biochemistry and biophysics (antibody production, protein purification, protein-protein interaction), an animal house (10000 rodents capacity), electrophysiology and functional ultra sound imaging, and behavioural phenotyping. These resources are dedicated to interdisciplinary basic and clinical research in psychiatry and neuroscience. We are looking for junior principal investigators who are broadly interested in interdisciplinary neuroscience, including genetics and epigenetics, neurodevelopment, psychiatry, neuropsychopharmacology, computational neuroscience, experimental brain ischemia, brain tumours, aging and neurodegenerative diseases, brain imaging and neurovascular exploration, using approaches ranging from molecular and cellular biology to cognitive and translational neurosciences, including bioinformatics, mathematics, image analysis and physics applied to neurosciences.

Appropriate office and laboratory space for up to 6 persons/team and a start-up package will be available for up to 3 new junior teams. Successful candidates must have defended their doctoral thesis (or obtained any degree or qualification equivalent to an international PhD) for more than 3 years and less than 8 years, have strong postdoctoral experience and meet criteria for obtaining French institutional research positions (INSERM, CNRS) as well as national (such as Atip-Avenir, ANR-JC, FRM Amorçage or other equivalent grants) and/or international funding (ERC StG, CoG). These positions are intended for first-time group leaders. In addition, applicants should also consider applying for ATIP-Avenir call, deadline by the end of November 2021 (https://sp2013.inserm.fr/sites/eva/appels-a-projets/Pages/Page1.aspx).

Applications (in English) should be sent to neuropsy2020@inserm.fr, and should include in one single pdf ‘applicantName_neuropsy2020.pdf’:

- a 1 page personal statement explaining why you are interested in joining our new Interdisciplinary Institute,

-  a 4 page research plan for the next 5 years,

- a full CV (academic track, publications, patents, awards and fellowships, invited conferences, and teaching/training experience),

- contact details of 3/5 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters,


Deadline for applications is June 07 2020. Short-listed candidates will be informed in July and invited for interviews (to present their past achievements and research proposal) in front of the international scientific advisory board (iSAB) and to visit our Institute September 17-18, 2020. 3 additional slots for interviews will be reserved for recipients of ERC StG 2020, following publication of the ERC results in July-August 2020 (in that particular case, deadline to apply is August 15 2020). Please address any question regarding the call to Dr Thierry Galli, IPNP’s director: thierry.galli@inserm.fr.