Call for group leaders

The Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP) of Université Paris Cité and INSERM ( is located in a 4300 m² brand new building located in central Paris, on the campus of Sainte-Anne Hospital ( IPNP hosts a total of 15 junior and senior teams devoted to integrated basic and clinical research in psychiatry and neuroscience :


The IPNP host platforms for advanced microscopy, biochemistry, ultrasound imaging, rodent phenotyping, BSL-2 tissue culture rooms, mouse and rat animal houses and zebrafish husbandry.
We are seeking two junior and/or senior principal investigators wishing to join the IPNP in order to develop projects using zebrafish (1 team) or human iPSC (1 team) as model systems, in Psychiatry or Neurosciences in line with IPNP’s research areas ( Projects that enable interactions with current teams at the IPNP will be prioritized.

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