Housing Assistance

As for French students, France offers to international students a housing assistance. However, they will  have to provide a residence permit valid for more than four months, valid for the current academic year. The processing files can exceed three months, so it is advisable for foreign students to postulate before the obtention of their residence permit.

• Scholarships from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Scholarships of the Ministry of National Education of Higher Education and Research
• Scholarships offered in the framework of European programs
• The scholarships of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
• The scholarships of international institutions, non-governmental organizations, foundations.
• Scholarships of Local Authorities

Cité internationale Universitaire de Paris

To know everything about this residence divided into 40 houses bearing names of countries, visit the website. For information on entrance requirements, click here

The association of PhD students and doctors at the University Paris Descartes

The association Les Cartésiens was formally established at the end of March 2010. It aims to create a multidisciplinary network of doctors, and facilitate mutual aid and integration into the workplace.
This association also includes former doctoral students of the University Paris Descartes.
To see the Association website The Cartesians: click here

The Paris Descartes University creates the Paris Descartes Foundation

Chaired by Martine Aiach, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, The Paris Descartes Foundation aims to strengthen the university in its main missions of training and research and allow it to be more open to the City.
Information on the Foundation's, its  first projects in research and training, tax benefits for donors, are available on its website

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University of Manchester offer studentships

A number of Connectionists relevant PhD studentships are offered by the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester. Prospective students *from EU member states* are encouraged to contact the projects' supervisors directly.

Novel measures of cortical functional connectivity using EEG steady-state responses

Real Time Electrophysiological Model of Ongoing Pain for Neurofeedback Applications

Speeding up the brain - how does repetitive stimulation speed up brain processes