Training policy must help to preserve the technical and methodological capacities available in the Institute and allow the changes necessary to maintain the scientific performances. This policy should also provide the means to promote both advancement and improvement of the knowledge of collaborators of the Institute.

IPNP has given itself the following objectives:
- To Inform employees of available training.
- To develop appropriate training plans for each employee.
- To Initiate training specific to the needs and expectations of the Institute and Collaborators.

For this, it relies on the measures put in place by its supervisors, especially INSERM.

This policy should encourage collaborators,principally the Administrative, Technicians and Engineers (ITA) with specific skills, to assert their knowledge to teams and other staff of the Institute.

The Training Correspondent
She provides an interface between agents of the IPNP and the training manager of the Regional Delegation Paris V INSERM.

In this context :
She informs the staff on training opportunities (devices, registration procedures, search for information for collectivity or individual use...).
She broadcasts available training offers.
She works with the Training Manager of the Regional Office, participating in the collection of needs, skills and opportunities of skills transfer hold in IPNP.
She participates in the development of individualized training plans.

Contact the Training Correspondent of IPNP


It is intended, primarily, to  statutory or non-permanent  INSERM employees. However, under certain conditions, and depending on availability, the staff of partner organizations can access. It is the same for doctoral students.

It offers group training or meets individual requests.

Collective training
It is organized at national, inter-regional or regional level.
Individual training
They are open to permanent staffs or contract holders (researchers and ITA) being in activity or parental leave. They respond to requests that can not be handled within  collective training. These are:
→ Internships inter-enterprises.
→ A period of professionalisation and a professional project support.
→ A teaching by tutoring.
→ A validation of acquired experience (VAE).
→ A skills assessment.
→ Training leave.

Registration requirements for training :
Priority is given to employees paid by Inserm  (though the non Inserm staffs can be integrated into collective training).
It is necessary to have the level required to follow the requested formation.

Procedures to register
► collective training:
Login with email ids in SIRENE software. Fill the application. Once the application is validated by the agent, the supervisor receives an information message. It completes the request of the officer by giving his opinion. Then, the training manager of the Delegation does the same.

► individual training (or skills audit, or tutoring or VAE):
The procedure is the same as for collective training. The agent can attach files to his application (quotations, program ...).
In all cases, the agent receives a notice of meeting to the training or a reasoned letter of refusal.