A new interdisciplinary Master’s Degree starts in September 2019

The master’s program will provide students with a broad knowledge in the field of neuroscience ranging from molecular and cellular to integrative neuroscience.
•High-skilled researchers, clinicians and experts in the vast and ever-growing field of neuroscience coming from universities, research institutes, hospitals, and industries
•Experimental skills using cutting-edge techniques (ten-month internship in Paris or abroad)
•Skills in project management, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific communication.
•Over 50 research laboratories and facilities involved in this program

A master’s degree for motivated students willing to pursue a career in the field of neuroscience, in both public and private sectors. An access to different PhD schools in France and abroad.


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Other Seminars

 02 septembre 2019
A new interdisciplinary Master’s Degree starts in September 2019
 05 septembre 2019 06 septembre 2019
JSPS-Inserm Symposium: Implications of senescence in age related disorders: towards healthy aging
 09 septembre 2019
Collectif Alzheimer Ensemble « Construisons l’avenir » : 1ère rencontre territoriale sur le thème « Bâtir une société inclusive »
 09 septembre 2019 10 septembre 2019
Workshop "Fundamentals of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation"
 10 septembre 2019 13 septembre 2019
EMBO Workshop: Network inference in biology and disease
 12 septembre 2019
Congress on Eating Disorders by the French Federation Anorexia-Bulimia Research Group (FFAB-R): « Early factors of vulnerability to eating disorders : environment, genes and other risk factors »
 13 septembre 2019 15 septembre 2019
12th Autism-Europe International Congress
 19 septembre 2019 20 septembre 2019
9th ENOR (European Network for Oxysterols Research) symposium «Metabolism and oxysterols: therapeutic for lifelong health»
 20 septembre 2019
Conférence LE CERVEAU : plasticité, mémoire et santé
 24 septembre 2019 26 septembre 2019
European Research and Innovation Days
 02 octobre 2019 04 octobre 2019
4th International Cancer Symposium of the Cancer Research Center of Lyon CRCL
 02 octobre 2019 04 octobre 2019
Conference: Normal and pathological reward processing: from synapse to behavior
 07 octobre 2019 11 octobre 2019
15ème Université d’Automne de l’Arapi: Autisme, actualités et perspectives (Qualité de vie, santé et autonomie)
 08 octobre 2019
Colloque Line Garnero
 27 octobre 2019 02 novembre 2019
1st international workshop on "Functional ultrasound imaging of the brain"
 14 novembre 2019 15 novembre 2019
2e Congrès des 7 CoEN (Centre Of Excellence in Neurodegeneration)
 19 novembre 2019 20 novembre 2019
Workshop on Intracranial Recordings in Humans: Epilepsy and DBS (WIRED)
 25 novembre 2019
Colloque Intelligence artificielle et Santé
 10 décembre 2019
NeurATRIS and Dhune: “Translational neuroscience Day: challenges and opportunities”
 13 février 2020 14 février 2020
INEM International Symposium «From Integrative Biology to Molecular Medicine»