Participatives committees of unit

  International scientific advisory board (isab)

  Platform and General Services Committees of the unit

Core facilities

  Rodent facility

  Molecular, and Cellular imaging

  PHENOBRAIn facility

  Biochemistry and Biophysics facility

  Electrophysiology/functional Ultrasound Imaging (ElfUS) Core

Administrative platform

  Communication office

  Financial office

  Human resources office

  The information technology office

  The logistics and property office

  Pole of scientific affairs (pas)

  The Inventory office


Emeritus and honorary Professors, visitors

Research teams

  Team Angulo
Interactions between neurons and oligodendroglia in myelination and myelin repair

  Team Galli
Membrane Traffic in Healthy & Diseased Brain

  Team Gorwood
Vulnerability of psychiatric and addictive disorders

  Team Joutel
Pathogenesis of small vessel diseases of the brain

  Team Koukouli
Cholinergic modulation of cortical inhibitory circuits in health and disease

  Team Krebs
Pathophysiology of Psychiatric disorders :Development and Vulnerability

  Team Lenkei
Dynamics of Neuronal Structure in Health and Disease

  Team Turc
Stroke: from prognostic determinants and translational research to personalized interventions

  Team Oppenheim
Imaging biomarkers of brain disorders (IMA-brain)

  Team Pardi
Neuronal Circuits for Memory and Perception

  Team Pierani
Genetics and Development of the Cerebral Cortex

  Team Rebholz
Signaling mechanisms in neuorolgical disorders

  Team Huberfeld
Neuronal Signaling in Epilepsy and Glioma

  Team Van Niel
Endosomal dynamics in neuropathies

  Previous Team Chevaleyre / Piskorowski
Synaptic plasticity and neuronal circuits