Team Oppenheim

Imaging biomarkers of brain disorders (IMA-brain)

Team leader :  Catherine Oppenheim

Team member :  Wagih BEN HASSEN  |   Joseph Ben Zakoun  |   Grégoire Boulouis  |   Sylvain Charron  |   Clément Debacker  |   Myriam Edjali-Goujon  |   Anna Fayolle  |   Anton François  |   Basile Kerleroux  |   Laurence Legrand  |   Jean-François Meder  |   Charles Mellerio  |   Iris Menu  |   Olivier Nagarra  |   Sixtine Omont  |   Johan Pallud  |   Marion Plaze  |   Gabriela Rezende  |   Alexandre Roux  |   Denis Trystram  |   Pascale Varlet  |   Luis Villanueva  |   Marc Zanello

Key contributors :  Elsa Angelini  |   Isabelle Bloch  |   Arnaud Cachia  |   Philippe Ciuciu  |   Joan-Alexis Glaunes  |   Pietro Gori  |   Nicolas Lomenie  |   Bertrand Thirion


As part of the center of Psychiatry and Neurosciences research center (INSERM U894, Dir T Galli), the “Imaging Biomarkers of Brain Development and Disorders (Ima-Brain)” research team (Dir. C Oppenheim) focuses on selective and complementary applications (Cerebro-Vascular, Neuro-Oncology, and Neurodevelopment) in order to tackle common basic challenges: progression over time, multiscale analysis and structure-function relationships. The team is organized around three main application axes, each coordinated by subgroup leaders with internationally recognized expertise. Together, the three axes cover a spectrum of normal and pathological conditions, each with different time scales: acute onset (stroke), rapid or slow progression (brain tumors), or lifelong evolution (neurodevelopment). A synergy between the three axes fosters, in an interdisciplinary context, the sharing of (1) methods for developing imaging biomarkers and (2) theoretical approaches across application domains.






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