IPNP Seminar Friday September 1st, Pr Annika KELLER, Vascular calcification in the brain

Psychiatry and Neuroscience Seminar Series 2023


Pr Annika KELLER

(Host A Joutel)

University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

  Vascular calcification in the brain

Friday, September 1st, 2023, noon

Room D Levy, 102-108 rue de la santé - 75014 Paris & VISIOCONFERENCE
Pr Annika KELLER

Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

The KELLER’s lab studies the development, function and dysfunction of the neurovascular unit in health and disease. They employ mouse genetics and advanced molecular and imaging techniques with the aim to understand the role of the individual cells (e.g. microglia, pericytes, astrocytes) and to decipher the pathomechanism of brain capillary calcification and regulation of the blood-brain barrier. Current research focuses on two topics: Brain vascular calcification and Cell interactome at the neurovascular unit. Pr Keller graduated from the Tartu University, Estonia and obtained my PhD in 2001 from Uppsala University, Sweden. After her PhD, she joined Prof. Jonas Frisen’s lab and a few years later Prof. Christer Betsholtz’s lab at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden where she developed an interest in the biology of CNS vasculature. Her work in the Betsholtz lab contributed to the understanding of the role of pericytes, perivascular cells surrounding capillaries, in regulating the blood-brain barrier. In 2011 she joined the Institute of Neuropathology, Zürich University Hospital, Switzerland as a Marie Heim-Vögtlin fellow.


cerebral vasculature - blood-brain barrier - pericyte

ZOOM Meeting ID/ 850 9424 8923 Passcode: 202309

LINK: https://u-paris.zoom.us/j/85094248923?pwd=R2hoZm03OTRhUEt3Y0ZOS3ZoRm95QT09

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