Electrophysiology/functional Ultrasound Imaging (ElfUS) Core


The ElfUS (Electrophysiology-functional Ultrasound imaging) Core in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris is a part of Neuroscience Core facilities. 

The staff includes Laurence Bourgeais (MCU, Paris Descartes University, Scientific Manager) and Laurianne Beynac (Engineer,Paris Descartes University).


Laurence Bourgeais

(MCU, Université Paris Descartes,

Scientific Manager)

Laurianne Beynac

(IE, Université Paris Descartes)


ElfUS provides services for projects using in vivo electrophysiological approaches combined with brain ultrasound imaging in rodents. Permanent technological feedback comes from ultrasound experts headed by Dr Mickael Tanter (Director of Inserm U979 ‘Wave Physics for Medicine’). Tanter’s group developed novel fUS systems for assessing brain's neurovascular dynamics with higher spatiotemporal resolution.


The Core assist each project by building the experimental design, conducting the experiments, performing data collection and interpretation. We also train qualified personnel for participating in the experiments, in close interaction with the Core team. The staff oversee the Core facilities and ensure that the equipment is used appropriately by the scientists that will conduct experiments for accepted projects and for training. All projects are subjected to approval by our tech Core facilities Scientific Committee and accommodated in time


The ElfUS Core provides access to a rig for in vivo acute extracellular brain electrophysiological recordings (single-multi unit, multi-site, local field potentials) in anesthetized mice or rats.

An ultrafast fUS miniaturized system allows real-time 2D imaging of the whole-brain microvasculature dynamics at high spatiotemporal resolution.

The Core is also equipped with devices for sensory, superficial/deep brain stimulation and drugs microinjections.

ElfUS has a rig for in vitro recordings of brain slices (patch clamp, extracellular), to be employed by qualified personnel.


Electrophysiologie in-vivo

Imagerie ultrasonore (fUS)



Some examples of services are listed below:


1 /  In vivo extracellular and/or local field potential recordings from cortical, subcortical, brainstem or spinal cord in rodents


2 / Brain extracellular recordings combined with 2D real-time functional ultrasound imaging of the vascular system in health and disease models


3 / Assessing of brain excitability combined with mapping of hemodynamic changes following sensory stimulation, pharmacological manipulations, spreading depression, superficial/deep brain stimulations


4 / In vitro patch clamp and extracellular recordings of brain slices

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Laurence Bourgeais-Rambur (Laurence.bourgeais@inserm.fr ; phone: +33 1 40 78 92 55)


Laurianne Beynac (laurianne.beynac@inserm.fr ; phone: +33 1 40 78 92 55)